East Hill Surgery

78 East Hill

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  • Miss Rhian Mole
  • Dr Fiona Davis
    General Practitioner
  • Dr Mohshin Al Quayyum
    General Practitioner
  • Dr Sajid Rahman
    General Practitioner
  • Dr Subha Nambi
    General Practitioner
  • Dr Danielle Abbott
    General Practitioner
  • Mrs Diane Quinlan
    Healthcare Assistant
  • Mrs Teresa White
    Healthcare Assistant
  • Mrs Wendy Collett
  • Miss Georgina Johnstone
  • Mrs Louise Goodwin
    Practice Manager
  • Mrs Gina Clarke
    Practice Nurse
  • Mrs Kerry Jennings
    Practice Nurse
  • Mrs Julia Tarn
    Practice Nurse
  • Ms Hannah McMaster
    Reception Staff
  • Mrs Caroline Smith
    Reception Staff
  • Mrs Linda Wilkins
    Reception Staff
  • Mrs Sue Harris
    Reception Staff
  • Mrs Claire Leeks
    Reception Staff
  • Ms Anna O'Brien
    Reception Staff
  • Mrs Angela Oliver
    Reception Staff
  • Mrs Alison Eadie
    Reception Staff

Opening times

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 10:30am and 3:30pm - 6:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Phone in for holiday, emergency or late hours.

Dear Practice Manager & General Practitioner's

I wanted to express a view of concern as a patient who has been with the surgery since 2006.

I thoroughly appreciate the care I have had from the doctors in the surgery over the years and appreciate the tough time you have had through Covid.

I do however feel my accessibility to medical services has declined. It is impossible for a busy working mother to wait for a phone call as a first instance to talk to a doctor within an 4 hour window and not be able to see someone in person ?

There have been numerous times when I've called and been on hold for 45 - 1 to be told I need to book a window opportunity for a doctor to call me back .. it is impossible for most people to wait by the phone. Not to be able to emotionally connect in person with a doctor regarding the important reason you may be calling. If you are triaged to see a doctor you then have the next difficult task to get an appointment that is convenient. So difficult to see a doctor in the evening or weekends .. when most people can and it's not an emergency .., I work a number of weekends and week days in London .. so know how important flexibility is.

Please could I implore you to bring back the come and wait to see a doctor opportunity in the mornings or something that makes seeing a doctor more accessible. The lovely receptionist explained to me today it's not coming back ...and doctors feel they can see more people .. it feels the reverse for your patients.

The next door doctors still offers the service to see a doctors in the morning which feels like the best way to give your patients more options.

I have also had trouble even getting an appointment to get a coil fitted over the last two years as you only have one or two practitioners that can do this and you offer no free appointments and don't have the diary far out in advance .. again for normal people to plan ! I miss have been recommended this might be a good option for me but just can't go through the pain of trying to book an appointment again - as I need a phone consultation again. A face to face and then the procedure !

Please just make the practice more accessible .. Covid did many things but lessening the service is so hard for many of your patients.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anna Moir — anna…@mac.comreveal  


  • Minor surgery (e.g. removal of moles and skin lesions) - provided in-house
  • Learning disability health check
  • Child health and development
  • Asthma Clinic
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