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Re my previous msge
30/12/2023 should read 30/11/2023.
Also at the previous appt I had my hearing aids so the comment from the nurse on 20/11/2023 that I hadn’t worn the hearing aids ‘for a while’ was lax.
I am sure that most people have mislaid something important in their lifetime. —  

Mrs Valerie Robertson
20 Thanestead House
High Green
S35 4Hp

Tel no 07799581532

Dear Medical Practitioners,
I am a 68 year old patient of yours.
I came for an appointment with a medical person on 30/12/2023 to have my ears syringed
I was told at a prior appointment to put olive oil drops in my ears three/four times a day for 5 days prior to the syringing appt.
This I did.

I have lost my hearing aids, this happened before the syringing appointment but I was aware that I would probably need new hearing aids after the ears were cleared and I would have had a new hearing test.

At the appointment for syringing the lady told me that I should have been putting oil in for 10 days. She said the ear wax was dark and when she attempted to rinse the wax out with warm water(?) it wouldn’t move, she then tried the other ear, ditto.

She then tried a couple more times each more intense. It was quite painful by the third attempt. She said she would speak to a doctor to find out the next option.

It is now 11/12/2023 and I have heard nothing (sic!)
This is now causing my quality of life to be quite awful. I cannot hear what people are saying and practice in the church choir is affected.
It is now important for my quality of life to have my hearing fixed.
Please could someone help me.

Best Regards
Mrs Valerie Robertson —  


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