The Cob Company

15 Sytch Lane
South Staffordshire

Food rating: Exempt
Updated: N/A

I really like these cobs, lovely for lunch nice and crusty. Obviously best ate fresh or they might go a bit chewy, but it depends when the shop gets them delivered, if you got one that was delivered the morning before then it's not as fresh and well it's bread it happens, but they still taste good. The review below is a bit harsh. If you don't like them, don't buy them again, maybe leave some constructive criticism. No need for insults. —  

Terrible cobs. My partner and I had a cheese and onion cob from our local shop. The filling was really stingy and poor quality, the slice of cheese was incredibly thin and there was hardly any onion. The cob itself was rubbery and chewy. I was starving so finished mine but my partner threw hers away after one bite. Clearly the cob company take no pride in there work and have no interest in customer satisfaction. You guys are more than happy to keep taking people's money tho aren't you. Absolute swines! — gavi…@gmail.comreveal  

Love your cobs. Only small criticism is the tomato portion, could it possibly be sliced. Easier to eat and more economical for you. — tail…@yahoo.comreveal