Room rental

FlatmateRooms lets you find flatmates and tenants, find and advertise rooms to rent as well as whole flats and properties. Here we’ll discuss different circumstances and how room rental can benefit you. Less affordable mortgages have led to an increased demand for rental property. Room rental increased with many people all over the UK choosing it over buying or renting a whole property.

With 95% of room rentals there are no long forms to fill out, no credit checks and it is a far easier process than renting or buying property. Most times all you will need is your bond, your first month’s rent and to sign the tenancy agreement. As long as everything is fine you can move in and in some cases you can move in the same day.

Rise in property prices affects the rental market too. An average 2 bedrooms flat can cost £900+ a month including bills. This is where room rental is a massive benefit, with rooms starting from only £50 a week, it’s easy to find a nice sized room say with bills included for £380 per month. If you are thinking of buying your own property one day the money you save now will be very useful in the future.

A lot of mortgage owners have recently found themselves in difficult position, having to sell their homes or not being able to keep up with mortgage repayments to stay away form repossession. Room rental is a clear path to earning additional income and getting your finances back on track.

Room rental is a great way to get to know people and perhaps create lasting relationships. You’ll have your new housemates and new friends from around your neighbourhood.

Social life

A lot of people with the pressures of paying rent, bills, living costs, fuel... have been left with no money and forgot what it’s like to have a social life. Now with the savings from room rental, you can get it back.

Temporary accommodation

Room rental is great for temporary accommodation whether you need a place for a month or a year. We have plenty of landlords happy to help. It is a big advantage over property rental where normally you have to sign a minimum 6 month contract.

In debt

Well, room rental is perfect for getting you back on track, as long as you can afford the monthly rent and bills, give it a go. Doesn’t have to be forever just till you get back on top of things.

New to the UK

If your spending some time in the UK or emigrating to the UK then room rental is perfect as a first step on to the property ladder as it will save you a lot of money, and give you time to get your bearings and to work out fully where you want to live, the last thing you want to do is buy a house to find out you don’t like the area.

Leaving home

If you’re leaving home, it’s probably a big decision and moment in your life, whether the decision was made for your independence, arguments with the family, moving in with a boy/girlfriend etc,then have a serious think about your finances and what’s best for you and see how room rental can benefit you.

Moving closer to work

Many people live far away from their daily job, this is ideal for the room rental market whether you are considering moving closer to your work permanently or just Monday to Friday will save you a lot in travelling time, fuel and maybe even hotel costs. If your thinking of renting a room Monday to Friday this kind of rental is getting big as you can go about your business during the week and go back home to the family over the weekend.