Lodge Moor Surgery

Tried calling the surgery after 3.00pm as stated on the surgery website only to be answered by an automated attendant asking for the parties extension. Please update the website with up to date information regarding surgery opening times.
Regards. — john…@sky.comreveal  

Violets Tea Room

Just been to the Violets tea room at Denver Windmill and my friend and I had a lovely light lunch very reasonably priced in very pretty surroundings. We were so impressed by the meal, the very prettily decorated tea rooms, lovely friendly atmosphere and excellent service. Cannot speak too highly of the young lady who seemed to be everywhere doing everything and keeping things moving. She was upbeat all the time despite being run off her feet. The home cooking was lovely and tasty and the team behind the scenes kept on going helping where it was needed. The whole experience impressive. They had a big party booked with home cooked cakes and sandwiches who had to cancel and the staff went round offering the lovely tea components so they didn't lose out altogether, a bonus for the public! Ten out of ten for the entire experience. We are local and will return on a regular basis and no problem recommending. —  

Braidcraft Pharmacy


This pharmacy has now changed name at Companies House to Braidcraft Pharmacy Ltd. Can you please update your records.
Thanks for your help.
Pietro Barilone
Braidcraft Pharmacy — brai…@outlook.comreveal  

Lossie Dental Practice

the receptionist very nice and friendly she helped me a lot last week Wednesday I really apricate for your good service —  

Coffee Shop

Bacon batch dry and curly. Inedible. Comment response was “never mind” for £3 - I don’t think so. Hence the review. 25/9/22 09:50hrs —  

Oakwood Medical Practice

oakwood medical practice worst i have ever experienced trying to get someone to answer a phone and also get prescriptions wrong wish my own doc would had never got with them so unhappy with them —  

The Village Pharmacy

Should be well manner and improve their attitude and
Have a word with doctor or nurses — bald…  

The Village Pharmacy

Staff is rude no manners. All lost very unprofessional. Went
To get my Corvus 19 jab. Could not find my appointment. Finally found after long argument. Then when time for jab .
Person who gave jab was such rude woman bad attitude and
Stab the jab like butcher. . She was so rude would not use this
Chemist again. — bald…  

Mardyke Community Centre





Thay can close this right now I'm order now taste like shit fries dry and chicken taste like herbs and you need lookin of him more rice than others no more order there and 1 more things don't expect any souse they give you ketchup —  

Costa Coffee

Poor customer service ,I visited hospital and have tea with some sweet And lady was not good customer service she don’t give me spoon Napkins or any box that’s whey I’m not customer any more . — Mila…@yahoo.comreveal  

Costa Coffee

Poor customer service ,I visited hospital and have tea with some sweet And lady was not good customer service she don’t give me spoon Napkins or any box that’s whey I’m not customer any more . — Mila…@yahoo.comreveal  

Cafe @No.6

I went to buy two hot chocolate and was given the wrong change did not give me £5 back —  

Sumptuous Bakery

Please delete my business address. I have deleted it from google due to harrassment.

Sumptuous bakery
11 park howard road
Sa18 1nz — Nico…@msn.comreveal  

Barbican Street Food/Heisenburger

Is this still open? — davi…@yahoo.comreveal  

Lowton Surgery

we only joined in april/may 2022 and we would like to say how impressed we are with all at the surgery ,staff helpful and getting appointments are quick — jimj…  

The Cedars Surgery

Make it easier to find askmygp, & to book a meds review — eliz…@aol.comreveal  

Brechin Health Centre

I am a registered patient at Brechin Health Centre.

I was prescribed TAMSULOSIN HCL 0.4MG CAPS by my doctor in Houston, Dr Linda Ly for prostate issues (sudden need to urinate). I need a prescription refill.

Please add this medication to my list (sorry, I can't locate that site online) and authorise a refill.

Thank you,
Edward Clark, Ashburn, Little Brechin, DD9 6RQ. — thst…@aol.comreveal  


Why’s it so hard to find your number —  

Newport Food and Wine

NEWPORT FOOD&WINE 16 Leopold street Wimbledon SW19 7BD!! EXTREMELY BAD HYGIENE!!! EVERYONE BE CAREFUL! They selling expired food in the fridge. 2-3weeks expired! Mould inside! It’s happened so many times they won’t sort it out and just continue. Also two brothers from Pakistan running store are EXTREMELY rude and impolite to people!!
Janus, — Janu…@gmail.comreveal  

Fontanella Coffee House - Ground Floor Zone 6

I bay a muffin for my child, and I found mould. Very desgasting.This is hospital. — bord…@gmail.comreveal  

Coffee Bagel Ltd

wrong postcode
should be BB4 7LW — b…  

Little Bettys Cafe

Hi everyone, having just sampled part of a delicious platter of food from little betty,s,we would recommend this company, absolutely first class food and presentation, thank you and thank you Mandy for the lovely surprise xx —  

Country Oven Bakers

I bought some of your Fruit Tea Cakes in a Supermarket ,I tried one this morning for my Breakfast ,no taste in them only 6 pieces of Fruit in them .I will not be buying any more of your Product s —  

Priory Gate Practice

This Teum Tekie
Can I have all my medical record please
I need to read to all about my medical result please thank you
I choice sends to my email below — teum…@yahoo.comreveal