I have received a text message from the pharmacy saying I must call to say I still want my prescription within the next 7 days. I do want it but I am on holiday until September and I have phoned 11 times and just am told to call back Maxine Harrison — maxi…@btinternet.comreveal  

Lakeside Surgery

Why have we got a doctors when you have got to wait 2 weeks to see one it is absolutely disgusting why do we pay our taxes.and it is only going to get worse with all the new houses that are being built — hoyl…@aol.comreveal  

Swadlincote Surgery

Rubbish you have four s on this page that no longer. Work at Swadlincote Surgeryn —  

Chippy Time

Kinda ordered by mistake, living in Consett didn’t realise you were in Stanley but oh my goodness get your delivery drivers used to coming to Consett cause they will get sick of me …. Am stuffed it was UNBELIEVABLE mixed kebab and a kebab pizza . Me and my partner agree it was the best we ever had . Piping hot (god knows how from Stanley to Consett) portion size was huge and the just eat delivery driver was absolutely lovely . Best we’ve had for a long time . Thank you so much — Nikk…  

Island City Practice

How do I contact an Nhs professional when I have a problem? Keep going round and around on google but can’t find anything to see if I have a problem
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated — nobb…@gmail.comreveal  

Moorclose High School

Hi, I was a student at Moorclose Secondary Modern School, leaving in 1959. I served an apprenticeship in tool making with Hawker Siddeley and then joined the research dept to eventually become technologist team leader with a PHd in Particle physics. Migrating in 1977 to Australia and after gaining my builder's ticket I built 54 houses for clients. I also established a furniture manufacturing company and made 10,000 leather lounges in 23 years. I am now approaching 80YO.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Moorclose Sec Mod School for the education and technical ability I gained whilst attending.
Many thanks, Graham Robert Greenhalgh. — fore…@gmail.comreveal  


Really enjoyed pizza shame it wasn’t what I ordered I asked for ham sweetcorn and mushroom but got chicken instead of the mushroom . The man on the phone repeated what I said twice . I had ordered the family bundle everything else was correct — mari…@outlook.comreveal  


Bit of a rip off shop charging extra for oat milk and not displaying that fact —  

Shemara Beach Refreshments

disgusting food never get this took them 3 hours to serve me chips never again . —  

Costa Coffee

Terrible attitude by a eastern European manager absolutely bad.
The rest of the team done now what customer service is working in a hospital —  

Grand Pavilion Cafe

We visited the Grand Pavilion cafe today Sunday and sorry to say I was very disappointed although I have been before several times as we are local. We ordered coffees which after 20 minutes I had to check up to see where they were, only to find that my order had been lost so they
had to bring them late. The food we had was ok but the cutlery was not shiny, the teaspoons for the coffee also needed a good wash as did the cups. There was a big dog, a husky type at a table on the right hand side of the counter. The staff did their best I am sure, but they did
seem to be not trained enough. I didn't complain at the time as i was with family and didn't want to spoil the occasion. I should be glad
of your input, thank you. P.S. I hate complaining! — danc…  

Telford Excellency Midlands

Excellent service but they should have screens put on around the hall for people to see the stage!!! —  

Abby's Pitstop

Very able and friendly staff. Great food! I highly recommend Abby’s Pitstop. —  

Kingfisher Cafe

Fantastic place, food fantastic and when I ask for something to be cooked different, she said No problem. If you're in the area, I would recommend to go — gary…  

Kingfisher Cafe

I visited Kingfisher Cafe every morning over the weekend, We were served excellent food, good value, Brilliant service.
They also had excellent evening entertainment definitely worth a visit 5stars all the way. —  

Kingfisher Cafe

Great breakfast and value for money. The staff are all friendly and helpful. The venue is also great for an evenings entertainment —  

Tasty Burritos

Went today with my daughter for the first time and tried it. My advice to improve is improve the value of the offer. Initially I was going to order two meals with drinks and possible desert but after seeing how small the burrito was at £7.50 I didn't and just got the one burrito for my daughter as it was already made. The burritos are exceptionally small for £7.50 (didn't fill even half of the wrap it was in) with no option to have a larger one, no kids option and no meal deals. No description of the food just "chicken" and when I asked the flavour I was told it's seasone... so clueless what flavour your going to get.

The actual taste of the chicken burrito was nice but I'd advice you to think more on the value you offer, customer experience and how to improve your average sale value with meal deals etc. Hope you take this in the way it's meant and wish you well. — Jjsm…@outlook.comreveal  

Victoria Road Medical Centre

I had an appointment booked today, simple because i required a stool antigen test booked for H pylori, following having had an endoscopy 4 weeks ago which was positive for H pylori and having completed the treatment. This is not something that would require a formal appointment and could be triaged correctly with the investigation simply being requested or asking duty doctor to action this. Instead I was given an appointment which is fine if that's how triage works at the practice. I work as a GP and unfortunately i missed the call. I had received two calls back to back with no time in between. I immediately called back and was told the doctor will return my call. This did not happen. I called reception again and was told this did not happen because i had missed 2 calls. Improvements i would suggest - filtering out appts like this as things that can be quickly actioned and do not require a formal appt. If a patient misses a call, actively trying to call them after a certain amount of time before dismissing their appointment all together, rather than calling twice in succession and stating as a result they have missed two calls - this seems like an extremely unfair approach by the doctor and a means of avoiding pts to contact rather than putting patient care first with some form of flexibility especially with regards to telephone consultations when no specific time is given to the pt. It was something quick for the GP to have sorted but the GP avoided the appointment by unfairly using a protocol — u…  

Rightdose Pharmacy Eyre

This pharmacy was sold on the 30th June 2023. It is now called New Town Pharmacy. The new owner is Douglas Lynn and his contact email is Rightdose Pharmacy, 6 Eyre Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5EP — Ame…  


I went in, alone, for a coffee and a quiet read. Coffee was delicious but yapping/whining/barking dogs went completely unchecked by their owners and staff. Coupled with music with a too obvious and loud bass beat made for a very unrelaxing coffee. Avoid if you are looking for a peaceful lunch/drink. —  

Marshall's Cash Stores

Hes a big fat greedy man that sells over priced junk cars and has the shop keeper breadman metality buy for a penny sell for 2 pennys same with cars over priced ctrap —  

Deane Pharmacy

Poor service. Every time I come to pick up a prescription there’s an issue. Staff always blame the doctors yet the surgery never receives the requests. Talking to other local residents, they have the same issues despite not using the same surgery as me ! Bit of a common theme there ! — jinn…@sky.comreveal  

West Walk Surgery

Hi, very concerned about the ‘Forced’ use of your app!! My poor wife who is not used to or indeed able to use the app, finds herself in a situation where she is unable to re order essential medication. It does appear that when telephoning your surgery to re order, the telephone staff ‘Appear’ to use the ‘Cannot hear you’ reply then cut her off. This is sad and dangerous!! I have been with the practise since the days of the original Dr Sarafian at ‘Moda’ Chipping Sudbury, and over the years have been treated by some outstanding Doctors, Dr Sarafian Jnr, Dr Hockey, Dr Moncrief to name just a few, indeed, if one can get to a doctor at the practise they are generally superb, however, it is getting past reception staff which is the issue. A really dangerous situation of which you have now been made aware in the event of any ‘Occurrence’ — Caro…@yahoo.comreveal  

SNA Supermarket

How can they have a 5 star food rating ?
Did the person inspecting this place miss the smell ? —  

SNA Supermarket

They sell Aldi brand food at twice the amount!!
I bought a chocolate trifle in there & looking at the packaging it’s from Aldi ??
What do they do go buy it at Aldi & then put it on sale in their shop !!
Rude / Abrupt staff —  

SNA Supermarket

Caught a member of staff trying to rip me off!!
Said money I gave her “fell behind the bag she was packing”
Them I asked where it went and because I challenged her suddenly she finds it!! Obviously she denied it, this coming from a really miserable person, zero customer service skills, just stands there looking miserable, even before she tried to steal from me, wondering how many elderly customers she’s conning daily?
If I go back I’d probably pay by card tbh, big if, better off going to Tesco. — smit…@reveal  

SNA Supermarket

Shop where chilled foods is smells awful, rude customer service, staff must be treated badly if they look that unhappy.
Asked for receipt & got told I can’t have one ???
How you know they are charging you the right amount then ?
Rude lady working there. —  


No point trying to call this pharmacy they never answer their phone. —  

The Cob Company

Love your cobs. Only small criticism is the tomato portion, could it possibly be sliced. Easier to eat and more economical for you. — tail…@yahoo.comreveal  

Park Street Surgery

Someone needs to answer a phone 🤷‍♂️ —  

Harleys Bistro Lounge

Absolutely 100% amazing Bistro. Food is extremely well presented and tastes delicious. Service is friendly and attentive to your needs. 5⭐️ — lou…  

Poole Town Surgery

Dr Clarke went ages ago —  

Holmwood Corner Surgery

Your information is very out of date. Most of the people names on here have left or retired. Check the surgery website for the correct details. —  


I had lunch here with my sister yesterday, we hadn’t booked but luckily accommodated. The meal was excellent on every level, delicious food and wine, great service and atmosphere. This was my third visit, haven’t ever been disappointed. A real taste of the continent in Broadstairs. —…@icloud.comreveal  

Rana Kebab House

food was horrible, chicken was over cooked and chewy, chips were microwaved as were soggy, service on phone was awful as when called about complaints bout food all i got was a sorry but they were busy no option of refund or fresh food duscounts or anything to apeeze the disapointment of my order —  

Snowdon's Pharmacy

Visited this pharmacy to pick up a simple prescription. Was aghast at the lack of organisation. There had to be 15 employees that seemed to have no purpose. The whole area is not organised and every prescription did not have a place, customers came in and were told they could not have medicine in a quantity or had to pay ,both bits of advice were subsequently changed. This caused embarrassment . Others came back after a week to say no stock, I was asked 3 times for personal information and still no prescription could be found I then had to help them with my NI number and after a further 5 minutes I got the prescription, to which I was asked whether I would be getting it again. Not from this pharmacy if the staff can’t see how bad things are you need some kind of assistance. If this was my business I would be devastated. — c_ha…  

B A Christie Pharmacy


I came across your business and noticed that you’re not running any ads on Facebook, this guarantees that you’re leaving money on the table every month.

Based on what I’ve read from your reviews, your business has potential for a much larger customer base.

We help businesses run ads with NO upfront cost, completely commission based so we only get paid when you do.

If you’re open to the idea I can send over some more details? — Joac…@teazeragency.comreveal  

Crown Heights Medical Centre

Thank you for letting me know my GP is now Dr McKenna. First time since Dr Lauren J\ames left Lychpit —  

Sheepmarket Surgery

I need a doctor to fill in a form to enable me to make an insurance claim for a cancelled holiday. I cannot find anywhere on the various Stamford Sheepmarket sites what the charges are to have this done. It would be so helpful to have a list of the various charges — aljr…@aol.comreveal  

Sherburn Hill Hub Cafe

Put your phone number on —  

St Brigid's RC School

why is,nt there any information about st bridgids roman catholic school in the 1950s the address was torre road york road leeds 9 west yorkshire —  

Aspire Pharmacy


Gordon Davie Chemist Ltd

Be polite to customers and not have conversations that can be over heard by customers who have had a complete nightmare with incompetent from another chemist and 111 NHS. Worst experience ever .. and this does not reflect on 99% of staff that are in the right caring profession job. —  

Poole Town Surgery

Dr Clarke isn’t there ??? —  

Harmony Row Pharmacy

Is harmony row pharmacy , govan , open today Saturday 29th April? , or is it closed due to the bank holiday ? .
I cannot find it on the web . — hami…@gmail.comreveal  

The Cake 'Ole

Gorgeous breakfast, excellent vegetarian option —  

Cherry Orchard Surgery

Please contact me about Oliver Breakwell. I would like to speak with Mr Bond. — Soph…  

James Street Group Practice

You are telling people to use the website to 'consult' with someone but there is no interactive content. —  

Stepping Stone Accommodation Ltd.

Why are your clients drinking and meeting drug dealers in front of 26 Waverley road in front of camera and nothing is done about it. Just look in the car park next to 26 and you'll see the empty beer cans. They sit on other people's property drinking and smoking drugs. There is a park 75 feet away why not have them use that. If nothing is done and it continues I have video I will be showing the police and reporting and showing the video to the council. — gunn…  

Haydock Conservative Club

Been to this club today for a 1st birthday celebration and it was the cleanest most welcoming club I have ever been to, definitely recommend to anyone for a function, excellent work to the management 10 out of 10 —  

Paws n Go

I was in your cafe recently and ask for a hot chocolate made with semi skimmed milk and to only go home later and have 2 hours of cramping thankfully I am not going to do anything but I can tolerate it ! So could you please when asked semi skimmed milk please ! —  

Leach Heath Medical Centre

None of the doctors by one are still at the practice who are the doctors that are there most on the list have left —  

Parker Drive Surgery

Hi you have me listed as working at Parker Drive surgery and Manor park medical practice in Leicester.

I no longer work at these practices. Please can you remove my details from the website.

Dr Tejpal Atwal — teja…@msn.comreveal  

South Park Surgery

Is it possible for the website to be updated about staff please the Nurse I have seen and the Doctor I am seeing shortly are not on this. Thank you. —  

Blakewater Healthcare

Doctors and staff very nice but one reception lady whom seems quite rude at times by talking I'm trying to explain and she even told me the on line services.were no.longer in use when I asked re being able an appointment —  

Tottington Medical Practice

Update the drs ….. Dr Steven Kirkham Has been retired for quite a while he is NOT. At Tottington medical practice now. NEITHER is Dr Katie Whitehead ,,, she also has been left a while Please update your sites it’s not fair when people expect to see certain drs only to find out they don’t even work there. 😡 — vivi…@googlemail.comreveal  

Holmfirth Junior Infant and Nursery School

This school is not in Meltham - it is in Holmfirth - Holmnfirth J I & N School, Cartworth Road, Holmfirth, HD9 2RG —  

Singleton Health Centre

Incorrect information on following page:
Please remove the name Dr banin Ahmed from this page as not affiliated with this business anymore — bani…  

Mickleover Medical Centre

It would be nice if we could get phone calls answered better! — Beryl P.  

Mydentist, Beaconsfield Road, Weston Super Mare

Dentists and practice manager’s details out of date. —  

Mickleover Medical Centre

It would be nice if we could get to speak to someone when we phone with a.query instead we get you are 17th in the queue. — Beryl P.  

Rhos On Sea Methodist Church Playgroup

Playgroup has moved to Scout HQ Church Road Rhos-On-Sea LL28 4DJ  

The Glenfield Surgery

Please make it easier to access repeat prescriptions online. —  

Lodge Moor Surgery

Tried calling the surgery after 3.00pm as stated on the surgery website only to be answered by an automated attendant asking for the parties extension. Please update the website with up to date information regarding surgery opening times.
Regards. — john…@sky.comreveal  

Violets Tea Room

Just been to the Violets tea room at Denver Windmill and my friend and I had a lovely light lunch very reasonably priced in very pretty surroundings. We were so impressed by the meal, the very prettily decorated tea rooms, lovely friendly atmosphere and excellent service. Cannot speak too highly of the young lady who seemed to be everywhere doing everything and keeping things moving. She was upbeat all the time despite being run off her feet. The home cooking was lovely and tasty and the team behind the scenes kept on going helping where it was needed. The whole experience impressive. They had a big party booked with home cooked cakes and sandwiches who had to cancel and the staff went round offering the lovely tea components so they didn't lose out altogether, a bonus for the public! Ten out of ten for the entire experience. We are local and will return on a regular basis and no problem recommending. —  

Braidcraft Pharmacy


This pharmacy has now changed name at Companies House to Braidcraft Pharmacy Ltd. Can you please update your records.
Thanks for your help.
Pietro Barilone
Braidcraft Pharmacy — brai…@outlook.comreveal  

Lossie Dental Practice

the receptionist very nice and friendly she helped me a lot last week Wednesday I really apricate for your good service —  

Coffee Shop

Bacon batch dry and curly. Inedible. Comment response was “never mind” for £3 - I don’t think so. Hence the review. 25/9/22 09:50hrs —  

Oakwood Medical Practice

oakwood medical practice worst i have ever experienced trying to get someone to answer a phone and also get prescriptions wrong wish my own doc would had never got with them so unhappy with them —  

The Village Pharmacy

Should be well manner and improve their attitude and
Have a word with doctor or nurses — bald…  

The Village Pharmacy

Staff is rude no manners. All lost very unprofessional. Went
To get my Corvus 19 jab. Could not find my appointment. Finally found after long argument. Then when time for jab .
Person who gave jab was such rude woman bad attitude and
Stab the jab like butcher. . She was so rude would not use this
Chemist again. — bald…  

Mardyke Community Centre





Thay can close this right now I'm order now taste like shit fries dry and chicken taste like herbs and you need lookin of him more rice than others no more order there and 1 more things don't expect any souse they give you ketchup —  

Costa Coffee

Poor customer service ,I visited hospital and have tea with some sweet And lady was not good customer service she don’t give me spoon Napkins or any box that’s whey I’m not customer any more . — Mila…@yahoo.comreveal  

Costa Coffee

Poor customer service ,I visited hospital and have tea with some sweet And lady was not good customer service she don’t give me spoon Napkins or any box that’s whey I’m not customer any more . — Mila…@yahoo.comreveal  

Cafe @No.6

I went to buy two hot chocolate and was given the wrong change did not give me £5 back —  

Sumptuous Bakery

Please delete my business address. I have deleted it from google due to harrassment.

Sumptuous bakery
11 park howard road
Sa18 1nz — Nico…@msn.comreveal  

Barbican Street Food/Heisenburger

Is this still open? — davi…@yahoo.comreveal  

Lowton Surgery

we only joined in april/may 2022 and we would like to say how impressed we are with all at the surgery ,staff helpful and getting appointments are quick — jimj…  

The Cedars Surgery

Make it easier to find askmygp, & to book a meds review — eliz…@aol.comreveal  

Brechin Health Centre

I am a registered patient at Brechin Health Centre.

I was prescribed TAMSULOSIN HCL 0.4MG CAPS by my doctor in Houston, Dr Linda Ly for prostate issues (sudden need to urinate). I need a prescription refill.

Please add this medication to my list (sorry, I can't locate that site online) and authorise a refill.

Thank you,
Edward Clark, Ashburn, Little Brechin, DD9 6RQ. — thst…@aol.comreveal  


Why’s it so hard to find your number —  

Newport Food and Wine

NEWPORT FOOD&WINE 16 Leopold street Wimbledon SW19 7BD!! EXTREMELY BAD HYGIENE!!! EVERYONE BE CAREFUL! They selling expired food in the fridge. 2-3weeks expired! Mould inside! It’s happened so many times they won’t sort it out and just continue. Also two brothers from Pakistan running store are EXTREMELY rude and impolite to people!!
Janus, — Janu…@gmail.comreveal  

Fontanella Coffee House - Ground Floor Zone 6

I bay a muffin for my child, and I found mould. Very desgasting.This is hospital. — bord…@gmail.comreveal  

Coffee Bagel Ltd

wrong postcode
should be BB4 7LW — b…  

Little Bettys Cafe

Hi everyone, having just sampled part of a delicious platter of food from little betty,s,we would recommend this company, absolutely first class food and presentation, thank you and thank you Mandy for the lovely surprise xx —  

Country Oven Bakers

I bought some of your Fruit Tea Cakes in a Supermarket ,I tried one this morning for my Breakfast ,no taste in them only 6 pieces of Fruit in them .I will not be buying any more of your Product s —  

Priory Gate Practice

This Teum Tekie
Can I have all my medical record please
I need to read to all about my medical result please thank you
I choice sends to my email below — teum…@yahoo.comreveal