Brilliant —  

Day Lewis Pharmacy

It seems that if I want a repeat prescription now I have to contact the pharmacy.
Been trying to contact the pharmacy continuously from 9am - 12pm with no success. Now I’m trying to email without being able. How can this be progress, I used to be able to call in and within a few days the medication would be ready.
If this is the way it you need to man the phones. —  

One of the finest Fish and Chip shops in all of Great Britain that I came across living there for 15 years. What a delight! — Admin  

What a pint! Always a decent choice of ales. Miss sitting at the back here by the fire talking crap with drinking mates. Garden is a pleasure to sit in when it’s sunny. Fiddlers meeting here very enjoyable. Greetings to Billinge — Admin  

St Raphael's Dental Practice Limited

Staff dentist at this practice replaced all my black amalgam fillings with white ones like 10 years ago, never had any issues, always laughing my head off with mouth wide open like a crocodile. Forever thankful for the job well done and well worth the money — Admin  

We recently visited Corbridge and stayed for a few days to visit our daughter. We were very impressed with Halcyon House Cafe in the Square in Corbridge. The food was good and the coffee was very good too. The owners are very friendly, and produce homemade food. We would definitely recommend them - bacon butties good too.
John and Liz —…@btinternet.comreveal  

Very good food ,friendly staff ...definitely go back again . —  

Queen's Pharmacy Centre

Want to thank “Inty” pharmacist at queens Nuthall road I went in for advice of what I thought was a cyst on my leg!! He took one look and promptly told me to see my GP immediately as they will refer me to a dermatologist ! This was a Saturday I was in theatre Tuesday it was a SCC cancer I can’t thank him enough he saved my life!! Chocs on way for all the staff there will be forever grateful love Christine Rhodes — rhod…@hotmail.comreveal  

Alcombe Pharmacy

Always excellent and helpful service —  

East Harling Pharmacy

Well what a welcome today. I walked into the Chemsits today at 0855 as the sign on the door said ‘open’ which normally means come on in. On entering Ineas warmly greatest by a “Were not open, we don’t open until 9!” But it says open, “that must be from last week.” We’ll also sleeve the sign and the door open so you can tell everyone else they are not open when the sign still says open. At 9am 3 customers walk-in and again “we are not open until 9am”. It is 9 am? “We need time to set up” Talk about being stressed. “We have locum@ And ? He seems calm. Why not lock the door until you are ready? Then I get my cream and say thank you I won’t be coming back. Unbelievable so had to bite my tongue — i…@darrenlewitt.comreveal  

Aqta Trading Ltd

Front of building is in a disgusting mess and little investment is being made to address repairs and a constant leaking pipe that makes the pavement slimy. Rubbish & Litter constantly blights the area yet most of the employees sit on a chair behind the till all day to even care to notice it’s their responsibility to keep clean. Do not use this store if hygiene is important to you. —  

Norwood Road Branch, The Southall Medical Centre

We are a care home and have recently registered our residents to the GP surgery. We have sent another three clients for registration which have not been processed. We found the receptionist team member not helpful in dealing with queries and appeared irritable when we were asking her questions as if we were taking her time. I sent 2 emails requesting for a meeting with the practice manager but never received a response. We feel the surgery is not interested in helping us. —  

They didn’t deliver my food and would not pick up the phone they have no address so I can’t do anything about it —  

Roding Valley High School

Concrete closures: will see some students learning from home on 7 and 8 September as the canteen is out of action — Admin  

Pershore High School

Concrete closures: has closed a temporary building — Admin  

Northampton International Academy

Concrete closures: has restricted the use of the top floor, as well as the staff room and sixth form area — Admin  

Myton School

Concrete closures: has delayed the start of term — Admin  

The Link School

Concrete closures: will be closed until 11 September — Admin  

Greenway Junior School

Concrete closures: will be closed to students on Tuesday — Admin  

Farlingaye High School

Concrete closures: may need to delay the start of term — Admin  

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

Concrete closures: the canteen, science block, old gym and hall vacated — Admin  

The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Concrete closures: will be closed to students on 4 and 5 September — Admin  

Cleeve Park School

Concrete closures: closed 4 classrooms, the gym and some admin offices — Admin  

Claydon High School

Concrete closures: considering delaying reopening — Admin  

The Bromfords School

Concrete closures: will see year 12 students return on 6 September, and year 7 on 4 September — Admin  

Aylesford School Warwick

Concrete closures: school will, from 4 September, only be open for year seven. All primary school year groups will return on 5 September, and year twelve from 6 September — Admin  

Aston Manor Academy

Concrete closures: will be closed until 11 September at the earliest — Admin  

Arthur Bugler Primary School

Concrete closures: could see the beginning of term delayed until 11 September for students in years four, five and six — Admin  

The Appleton School

Concrete closures: years eight, nine and ten moved to online learning from Wednesday until Friday — Admin  

Wyburns Primary School

Concrete closures: will be closed for up to two weeks — Admin  

Woodville Primary School

Concrete closures: will be closed until 11 September — Admin  

Wood Green Academy

Concrete closures: will have some classrooms closed until October — Admin  

Winter Gardens Academy

Concrete closures: will be vacating parts of the school with immediate effect — Admin  

White Hall Academy

Concrete closures: there will be three non-teaching days — Admin  

Thameside Primary School

Concrete closures: Expects its reopening to students to be delayed until September 11. Parts of the school have been closed, with a significant number of teaching spaces impacted. — Admin  

St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School

Concrete closures: school is open, but parts of the school are closed, including the hall, gym, canteen, drama studio, girls and boys toilets. The school will also need to open mobile toilet blocks. — Admin  

St Leonard's Catholic School, Durham

Concrete closures: school will be closed — Admin  

St Gregory's Catholic Science College

Concrete closures: working to prop up the concrete with supports, but the school remains open — Admin  

St Francis Catholic Primary School, South Ascot

Concrete closures: identified issues — Admin  

St Bede's Catholic School and Byron Sixth Form College

Concrete closures: identified issues — Admin  

Scalby School

Concrete closures: identified issues — Admin  

The Ramsey Academy, Halstead

Concrete closures: cleared out four classrooms, which are out of use until appropriate safety measures are implemented — Admin  

Outwoods Primary School

Concrete closures: began work earlier in 2023 to install extra support as a precautionary measure, but the school remains open — Admin  

Our Lady's Catholic High School

Concrete closures: closed on Monday and Tuesday — Admin  

Mistley Norman Church of England Primary School

Concrete closures: identified issues — Admin  

Kingsdown School

Concrete closures: special school for children aged from three to 14 years old, has closed its main building — Admin  

Katherines Primary Academy and Nursery

Concrete closures: closed its main building — Admin  

Jerounds Primary Academy

Concrete closures: Raac detected in the school’s kitchen and is now being held up by a steel structure. The school will remain open — Admin  

The Honywood Community Science School

Concrete closures: school will have 22 classrooms closed with immediate effect, with some required to do online learning according to the — Admin  

Holy Trinity Catholic Voluntary Academy

Concrete closures: identified issues but will remain open — Admin  

Hockley Primary School

Concrete closures: closed since 11 June, with some year groups sent to other schools — Admin  

Haygrove School

Concrete closures: identified issues — Admin  

Hatfield Peverel St Andrew's Junior School

Concrete closures: will be closed until mid-September at the very earliest, with temporary classrooms required — Admin  

Hadleigh High School

Concrete closures: considering a delay to the start of the new term — Admin  

The Gilberd School

Concrete closures: will remain closed until 11 September for students in years eight, nine, ten and eleven, with year seven pupils returning on 12 September — Admin  

East Tilbury Primary School

Concrete closures: Some parts of the school will be closed, with Year 1 pupils moved to share a block with Reception and Year 2 pupils relocated to the sports hall — Admin  

East Bergholt High School

Concrete closure: considering whether to delay reopening or to partially close — Admin  

Donnington Wood CofE Voluntary Controlled Junior School

Concrete closure: school will remain open after it had extra ceilings added — Admin  


Concrete closure: school remains open. One area closed since the beginning of the year, with temporary works in place in another part of the school — Admin  

Cockermouth School

Concrete closure: pupils will need to return to school a day later as Raac was found in four corridors — Admin  

Carmel College

Concrete closure: forced to close its kitchen and library, but the school remains open — Admin  

Clacton County High School

Concrete closure: school delayed the beginning of term and is using remote learning in places — Admin  

Canon Slade School

Concrete closure: closed some areas for safety reasons, according to local press reports — Admin  

The Billericay School

Concrete closure: a “small section” of the school’s estate contains RAAC, but not in a position where full closure is required — Admin  

Abbey Lane Primary School

Concrete closure: started work in July to replace the RAAC in the roof over the kitchen, BBC News reports, with alternative meal arrangements now being made for pupils — Admin  

St Clere's School

Concrete closure: parts of the school will be closed with remote learning “partially implemented” as there is not “enough teaching spaces to host all pupils and students.” — Admin  

Ravens Academy

Concrete closure: closed for two days next week, on 5 and 6 September — Admin  

Springfield Primary School

Concrete closure: school was set to have “four junior classrooms where the roof works have been completed.” County Council giving temporary classrooms on the junior playground until the rest of the classrooms were completed — Admin  

Parks Primary School

Concrete closure: alternative accommodation will also be arranged for pupils — Admin  

Mayflower Primary School

Concrete closure: Leicester city council spokesman said they are working to “arrange alternative accommodation in order to ensure in-person teaching was able to continue as quickly as possible.” — Admin  

St Benet's Catholic Primary School, Ouston

Concrete closure: school closed temporarily — Admin  

St James' Catholic Primary School, Hebburn

Concrete closure: school has been vacated whilst deciding on arrangements. — Admin  

St John Bosco Catholic Primary School, Town End Farm, Sunderland

Concrete closure: school will be closed on Tuesday 5 September — Admin  

St William of York Catholic Primary School

Concrete closure: school will need to relocate several classes — Admin  

Tendring Technology College

Concrete closure: some school years start on 11 September — Admin  

The Thomas Lord Audley School

Concrete closure: School moved 10 out of 47 classrooms out of use — Admin  

Thurstable School Sports College and Sixth Form Centre

Concrete closure: online learning on 6 September — Admin  

Waddesdon Church of England School

Concrete closure: years 9, 10, 11 and 13 taught from home — Admin  

Eldwick Primary School

Concrete closure: Bradford Council confirmed the school will be partially closed. — Admin  

Crossflatts Primary School

Concrete closure: The school has been partially closed according to Bradford Council. — Admin  

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

Concrete closure: the school said in a statement the juniors will be relocated to a nearby area — Admin  

Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy

Concrete closure: Parents have been told to send their children to two different schools and older pupils were asked for home-schooling. — Admin  

Ferryhill School

Concrete closure: expected to start a week late with the rest of the classes being taken online — Admin  

Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School

Concrete closure: The school is closed until September 11 while alternative teaching arrangements are organised. — Admin  

Went tonight with work colleagues, and when trying to pay we were told we either have to pay all cash or all card?
The food was plan nothing special and for size of portions was well overpriced.
Very limited vegetarian for the colleagues that wanted/needed it as well.
Nothing special here for what they charge. —  

Gps Healthcare - Knowle Surgery

I came to the surgery yesterday and left a urine infection. I am now told that i should have made an appointment and that the sample has been discarded without anyone checking it . As i have kidney failure I find this to be not acceptable . It would only have taken a few seconds to check if it was clear or not . Now i have to stsrt ahain tomorrow when i probably wont be able to get an appointment ! Poor service ! —  

Cohens Chemist

I would like to say how very helpful , efficient and professional I have found the team the last few times that I have used the chemist .
Even though the team are obviously very busy , they are still friendly and offer a great service .
So thank you , keep up the great work — Imel…  

Always good food —  

I am on the committee for Tutbury Market and we have another event scheduled for 24th September.
I have noted that you were at Barton Marina last week and you would most certainly be a welcome addition to our market.
The last market on 9/7 was a huge success and we are fully expecting it to be the same once again.

Kind regards

Cllr David Bull
07518 335467

For info

Pls book online. It's very simple.
David — davi…@gmail.comreveal  


I have received a text message from the pharmacy saying I must call to say I still want my prescription within the next 7 days. I do want it but I am on holiday until September and I have phoned 11 times and just am told to call back Maxine Harrison — maxi…@btinternet.comreveal  

Lakeside Surgery

Why have we got a doctors when you have got to wait 2 weeks to see one it is absolutely disgusting why do we pay our taxes.and it is only going to get worse with all the new houses that are being built — hoyl…@aol.comreveal  

Swadlincote Surgery

Rubbish you have four s on this page that no longer. Work at Swadlincote Surgeryn —  

Kinda ordered by mistake, living in Consett didn’t realise you were in Stanley but oh my goodness get your delivery drivers used to coming to Consett cause they will get sick of me …. Am stuffed it was UNBELIEVABLE mixed kebab and a kebab pizza . Me and my partner agree it was the best we ever had . Piping hot (god knows how from Stanley to Consett) portion size was huge and the just eat delivery driver was absolutely lovely . Best we’ve had for a long time . Thank you so much — Nikk…  

Island City Practice

How do I contact an Nhs professional when I have a problem? Keep going round and around on google but can’t find anything to see if I have a problem
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated — nobb…@gmail.comreveal  

Moorclose High School

Hi, I was a student at Moorclose Secondary Modern School, leaving in 1959. I served an apprenticeship in tool making with Hawker Siddeley and then joined the research dept to eventually become technologist team leader with a PHd in Particle physics. Migrating in 1977 to Australia and after gaining my builder's ticket I built 54 houses for clients. I also established a furniture manufacturing company and made 10,000 leather lounges in 23 years. I am now approaching 80YO.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Moorclose Sec Mod School for the education and technical ability I gained whilst attending.
Many thanks, Graham Robert Greenhalgh. — fore…@gmail.comreveal  

Really enjoyed pizza shame it wasn’t what I ordered I asked for ham sweetcorn and mushroom but got chicken instead of the mushroom . The man on the phone repeated what I said twice . I had ordered the family bundle everything else was correct — mari…@outlook.comreveal  

Bit of a rip off shop charging extra for oat milk and not displaying that fact —  

disgusting food never get this took them 3 hours to serve me chips never again . —  

Terrible attitude by a eastern European manager absolutely bad.
The rest of the team done now what customer service is working in a hospital —  

We visited the Grand Pavilion cafe today Sunday and sorry to say I was very disappointed although I have been before several times as we are local. We ordered coffees which after 20 minutes I had to check up to see where they were, only to find that my order had been lost so they
had to bring them late. The food we had was ok but the cutlery was not shiny, the teaspoons for the coffee also needed a good wash as did the cups. There was a big dog, a husky type at a table on the right hand side of the counter. The staff did their best I am sure, but they did
seem to be not trained enough. I didn't complain at the time as i was with family and didn't want to spoil the occasion. I should be glad
of your input, thank you. P.S. I hate complaining! — danc…