Red Wing Medical Practice

I wish I could select ZERO stars... utter revolting staff, with zero interest in their jobs. NHS full of these people mind you. FAT, GLAIKIT, USELESS, COWS AT A DESK. Avoid at all costs. Please rename BROWN wing for utter crap service, go here. 💩👍🏻 — Jon4…@gmail.comreveal  

Harold O’Vinegars Seafood Deli

We had crab sandwiches which tasted nothing like the sandwiches we have had before.The filling was orange and granular with no evidence of crabmeat. Very poor taste.We also had a seafood selection which was also lacking in flavour which indicated their lack of freshness. All in all, the meal we had was poor in quality. — tbar…@hotmail.comreveal  


Most beautiful wee coffee shop along the coast. You can sit indoors or outdoors. The views are just stunning, but the drinks and bakes are even better! Staff very caring (even when I spilt my drink) and I can't wait to go back! 🤍 —  

Deans Beans Pitstop Cafe Ltd

Excellent food, well cooked by friendly Chef. 5 Star. —  

Gunays Cafe

Totally disgusted tea all over breakfast!!! Wasted my money!!! Strongly recommend do not use — sauc…@hotmail.comreveal  

Choi Pin

Easily the worst take away I’ve had for a long time!
Dreadful! —  

The Courtyard Cafe

Awful food. The sausages are the cheapest and nastiest u can buy I dread to think what the meat content is.
I have been twice I ordered a sausage and bacon barm which was undercooked and inedible. Then ordered spam and egg which was worse. The egg was over cooked and solid and the spam was burnt on 1 side and not cooked at all on the other. They clearly cannot cook or don’t care about what they serve people. Don’t believe the hype. — dili…@gmail.comreveal  

Deenz Grill

Would definitely recommend this place food is delicious and cooked to a very high standard also lovely service and prompt delivery 10/10 all round. — mari…@yahoo.comreveal  

Phoenix Surgery

I rang this morning at 8.30 precisely and was 7th in the queue for appointments. After 16 minutes, Laura answered. I asked for a face to face appointment to discuss items on the NHS App relating to treatment at GWH ON 12 June. She offered a routine appointment, over two weeks away, or a phone call from the nurse. I asked for an appointment but she then said she could not offer one. I asked why as my understanding is that appointments are released on a Monday morning. She said this was being aggressive.

Can you explain why I could not get a routine appointment, please? — Derl…@aol.comreveal  


Hi I’m writing in regards to the dust and cobwebs in the store .
I went there a few times hoping it would change but this morning when I opened the door after 10am I was surprised by the dirty mat at the door , cobwebs in the ceiling and dust on the shades .
I do enjoy my hot and cold drinks in there and would like to see great improvement when I return next time .
Thanks for listening.
Costumer. —  


Had the reinvigorate bowl. Haloumi, yellow and purple beets,roasted butternut squash, Quinoa, red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, spinach and a delicious sauce/dressing to go over it.
So tasty didn’t taste like something healthy. It tasted indulgent. Excellent 👌 — Yasm…@hotmail.comreveal  

ISS - Just Eat

Just eat are ripping off people by not giving us refunds for items received. There is many disgruntled customers —  

Winwood Chemist

The chemist service from the pharmacy is horrendous! Wow! I abhor giving businesses like this my money. —  

Davies Pharmacy Leigh Park

Hello my name is Kenn MacAskill and am a customer or yours, Just wanted to say big thank you and how pleased for the service I receive from your Pharmacy, I have ongoing issues with the surgery who send my drugs to you every month they are always not correct and one of your staff named Beth has been sorting them out for me for at least last 6 months this I really apricate However this weekend Beth went beyond her normal professionalism and in her own time delivered my drugs after I had been in twice to get my drugs, This is great work from Beth and I want the shop company Pharmacy to know what fantastic professional staff work there , All the staff there I have come across are the same so helpful polite and respectful but Beth really made my day and cheered me up a bright note in my normal hard work getting my drugs from the surgery so Thank you Mr Kenn MacAskill —  

Stockton Heath Pharmacy

Update all opening times and bank holidays —  

Cheadle Chippy

A brilliant place. Food really good and service top notch —  

Hubbles And Rondos

A variety of guten free options would be good? Thanks. —  

Henley Pharmacy

I have used your chemist now for 2 years! I have a medical condition that requires drugs to control,
I have had no empathy because I’m going on holiday with out my Trazadone which controls my schizophrenia!,
Your staff don’t seem bothered so I’m going on holiday with a big chance I’ll become unwell!,,
I would love some feedback from you as your a disappointment of your industry!
Paul Harvey
Pharmacy is Henley in Arden — E…@reveal  

Inshore Support Limited

Absolutely disgusting clients get abused. — Kati…@outlook.comreveal  


The best egg sandwich I’ve ever had! Great coffee too. Greg & Julia from Newcastle —  

Rainbow Pharmacy

I have been in the phone holding for 16.05 minutes already. Still holding — Whis…@gmail.comreveal  

Lloyds Pharmacy (Grantown-on-Spey)

I was in your Grantown on Spey branch early this afternoon 18th April 2024 to collect a prescription. The small black (dyed) haired elderly local woman who served me was initially extremely rude. I thought at first it was because she was incredibly stupid (which she was) but realised it was deliberate when she leered in my direction as I was leaving. I don’t know who she was or why she was rude but wonder if she perhaps knew who I was and had some sort of a grievance. In any case her behaviour was unacceptable. I don’t visit your premises often but when I do, always to pick up prescriptions, I expect to be treated in a civil fashion by your staff.
Can you also advise me of the name of the branch manager please so that I can make a direct complaint to him/her, which I shall do at the time in the branch should this sort of behaviour ever be repeated.
Thankyou, John F McNeill — John…  

Central Park Surgery

you need to improve on your customer service as client can not get through to your practice so easily , calling and ending the calls after waiting for ages is so unprofessional. —  

Driscoll Brothers Discount Store

Not a discount shop same price as any other shop in rct b&m probably cheaper for toys false advertising — Youn…@gmail.comreveal  

Mayflower Medical Group - Stirling Road Surgery

Today after visiting the surgery twice and filling in two e-consult forms this week, had a call from the dr, which then led me to call the ward I was on and gather further information, i called back to the surgery to speak with the dr to update or to get a message across, to be informed i would have to fill out an e-consult, which of course I had already done. I am dissatisfied that i have to ho through the whole process again. I have recently come out of hospital and am still feeling very unwell and feel like I am fighting to get help. — eliz…@outlook.comreveal  

Victoria Pharmacy

Hello, I’ve phoned many times today April 9th without success as I’m unsure about my tablets and feel you might have given me the wrong prescription Please call asap please. Andrew Wright 07771794347. —  

Grove House Surgery

I am a new resident of Pagham and Grove House Surgery was elected as my new GP surgery, Well I need to give the highest praise of my first call/contact. The phone was answered promptly by Harriet and after asking how she could help she booked an appointment with the Physio Nicky (same day - no waiting) I attended Nicky told her my hip/back pain concerns and Nicky immediately referred me to a GP Dr Napier. I cannot speak more highly of my first contact with this surgery & the kind attention I got - Please let this be the norm. Katrina Musgrove — Prai…@reveal  


Never answer phone —  

The Royal British Legion Club

No bar prices displayed
Short changed
Bar tabs wrong in their favour
My card double swiped
Bar staff and committee win cash prizes far too often
Don't dispute your bar bill unless you want assault and ridicule. It's your choice to go or not. —  

Bracknell Urgent Care Centre

Ridiculous system —  

Higham Ferrers Surgery

I get to be no 1 in phone queue. For the very 1st time ever
Hello no one there to see you. No nurses either
Send me on a bus trip away during school pick up time or just after when I have two children to collect to another doctors . It needs closing down or another doctor to take it over completely . — achi…@gmail.comreveal  

The Healthcare Centre

Just like to say a big thank you to jo-Anne for being able to take my bloods at the health centre instead of waiting 2 hours at Minerva health . This is such an asset for the patients. — jenr…@gmail.comreveal  

Fitznells Manor Surgery - Integrated Care Partners

A sincere thank you to the lady in reception at Fitznells who I rang today after a visit to a pharmacy who recommended I obtain a prescription only skin cream. Sadly I did not get the name of the lady in reception. She was super efficient and within a few hours I had the cream. Impressive. Thank you. Robert Cox 020849 — bob…@icloud.comreveal  

Sovereign Practice

Hi please can you ask Doctor Julian Rabuszko to either ring or leave a email asking does he do late booking so I can come in it with Mike/Josh. I have tried yet again since you started the online appointments can’t get on at all.yet . Can’t get on phone Mike has to call as I have tinnitus. If he can see me before weekend I be so grateful kind regards Debbie Saunders — Debb…@btinternet.comreveal  

Driscoll Brothers Discount Store

Not a discount shop actually quite expensive more cheaper shops around like blue caff feel sorry for the two poor old women who ran their shop for years — Liam…@gmail.comreveal  

Clifton Medical Centre

This surgery is a total mess the receptionist are rude meds are never ready on time for ever late leaving patients with out regent meds qcq are going to be contacted — Lisa…@outlook.comreveal  

Whispering Willows Bistro

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We have just been to celebrate my daughter in law’s 30th birthday!
What a delightful evening,! Wonderful food, delightful staff and altogether fabulous ambience!
We will be sure to return. —  

The Lime Tree Surgery - Findon

Yesterday the 12th march 24…I visited a paramedic,Dan…who was very good….he asked me to go to the reception to request a urine pot for a sample and return to reception for processing….i rec,d a pot, no plastic envelope or paperwork…I wasn’t,told I needed these,
I returned later at 12.30pmto betold I was to late as 12.00pm was cut of time…plus I didn’t,t have the prescribed plastic envelope and form req,d………if I had been informed and given these I would have been ready.
Also from my earlier paramedic meeting I had been requested to get a blood test done….this would not have been available till after 5th April,sotoldreception I would go to hospital to get it done ,not told you have to book prior…no longer walk in apparently…so that afternoon I bussed to Worthing hospital only to find reception closedduetolack of staff and booked appointments only…all this way for nothing…..luckily a young woman (an angel) booked me an appointment on her phone and again luckily one for while I was on the premises…so it was done .Jumped on bus and home again a little tired at 76 don,t really need all this…because of lack of information given. Limetree has on the whole been very good…BUT…this isn’t,t helpful. — Shor…@gmail.comreveal  

C Burke & Associates Dental Practice

Hi, Mr Matthew Russell and Dr Martina Murphy have both retired, their replacements are Dr Olivera Cret and Dr Kari-Ann Lachlin
John Hulston
Practice Manager —  


Gorgeous meal with great service
Tandoori chicken, butter chicken , Tarka Dahl and roti
Delicious and the masala tea at the end recommended by the waiter was a nice treat .. —  

Shires Healthcare

Closes at 18.30 on Friday —  

SK Fruits

I can’t find a tel no for SK Fruits, Chippenham. I need to find out if the daffodils I ordered to collect this morning will definitely be there tomorrow morning. The church in Monkton Hill needs them by 9-00 tomorrow for making Mothers’ Day posies. If you can’t provide them after all I really need to know asap please. Marilyn Bray. —  


ido know where you physicaly are! it does not say. i guess it is in sainsburys? —  

Pop Up @ Victoria also t/a Las Iguanas, Super Nonna and Banana Tree

Awful place, avoid it for a better experience 10 metres away at another well known chain. Reheated food that is soggy, tasteless and overpriced. Staff are more interested in scrolling social media than acknowledging customers —  


A phone number would be appreciate —  

The Star Inn & Reggies Fish & Chip Shop

Worst order I have ever received. We were looking forward to this evening delivery but what a massive let down!. The chips looked and tasted like stale leftovers from the lunchtime, lukewarm and as hard as cardboard. the other parts of the meal were only slightly warm as well. We binned the lot. Never again. —  

Alnwick Medical Group [Amg]

I was prescribed Flucloxcllin by Doctor yesterday 15th and she stated could I call yesterday afternoon at Well Pharmacy. I can’t walk, drive car and there isn’t family members available to help either! When I called this afternoon to pick up said prescription it states made up only TODAY! I had to wait in excess of 30mins to pick up something that was supposed to be there ready yesterday. Whose right here, and to cap it all I have to go back on Monday to pick up the rest of the prescription which they couldn’t fulfill today. — port…@btinternet.comreveal  

Carmondean Medical Group

Good morning… contacted or tried to.. was on the line 8am-8-45…many times being told my call mattered..lady answered asked what my problem was.. difficulty with my right arm possible tendon or muscle damage..was faced then with a barrage of questions finally telling me I need to call 111 and make an appointment.. never used before only used your service minimal time’s yet I was met with rudeness and contempt… why…worried that my injury could affect me on a long term basis… I’m a 67 year old male who try’s to keep himself fit so as not to bother you guys…very very disappointed while a 10 minute examination and possible referral would have avoided all this.. — Step…@gmail.comreveal  

Brookroyd Surgery

Needs updating well out of date —  

The Thorpe Bay Surgery

Having been with this practice for 25years I am totally against the new appointment system that is in place, I find some of your receptionist at the Tyrone road practice very aggressive when I have tried to make an appointment, they tell me to use the “new” Anima app, which I have tried to do without success this week, I phoned twice this week regarding a problem I have and when I phoned yesterday afternoon, told there is a traffic light system and the a doctor will determine how argent your appointment is, the receptionist said she would look for an appointment for me and the only one she could find was 1st February, I am in terrible pain with my hip and wanted stronger painkillers , surely a doctor could look at my notes and see that I had visited a doctor about my hip, and she said if the pain gets worse to come back and see her. I feel that “care for patients well being “ has gone and I feel very annoyed that nobody seems to care. I have spoken to several patients about this “new system “ and not one was impressed I’m not sure who it benefits because I don’t think it’s the patients. Brenda Rolfe —  

Grosvenor & St James Medical Practice

How do I get in touch with the surgery when I cannot find the enquiries on then ipad?. —  

Christiana Hartley Medical Practice

Hi, I would just like to say a big thank you to Caroline for listening to me and for the medication she recommended for me. I’m so much better, thanks again Norman.
( Norman Tidd ) — Norm…  

Christiana Hartley Medical Practice

Hi, I would just like to say a big thank you to Caroline for listening to me and for the medication she recommended for me. I’m so much better, thanks again Norman.
( Norman Tidd ) — Norm…  

Portishead Medical Group

Please please change the music on telephone🙏. —  

The Butts Dental Practice

Hey, I'm Liad. I'm an email list manager - I'm proven to improve the email revenue and deliverability (so the emails land in the inbox - not spam or promotions tab).
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Worst chemist ever. When collecting proscriptions it’s always the same story “we’ve not received it from your doctor. It has been like this for years. Absolutely rubbish. — kevi…@icloud.comreveal  

Thistlemoor Medical Centre

Bad place to get medical care. Doctors in this clinic are good just in waste of time and prescribe many painkillers. To be examinated or to be refer to specialist you have to be really patient and super lucky. I didn’t have so much luck and wasted a few moths without any outcome. Avoid this clinic I seen many other bad feedback about this place. —  

This is a little gem, the best breakfast in the North West and the friendliest of have to try it... —  

The shop manager inappropriately insulted me with disparaging remarks and abusive unfound accusations of me conning him out of a substantial amount of money at the shop recently. Never going there again. —  

High Green Health Centre

Re my previous msge
30/12/2023 should read 30/11/2023.
Also at the previous appt I had my hearing aids so the comment from the nurse on 20/11/2023 that I hadn’t worn the hearing aids ‘for a while’ was lax.
I am sure that most people have mislaid something important in their lifetime. —  

High Green Health Centre

Mrs Valerie Robertson
20 Thanestead House
High Green
S35 4Hp

Tel no 07799581532

Dear Medical Practitioners,
I am a 68 year old patient of yours.
I came for an appointment with a medical person on 30/12/2023 to have my ears syringed
I was told at a prior appointment to put olive oil drops in my ears three/four times a day for 5 days prior to the syringing appt.
This I did.

I have lost my hearing aids, this happened before the syringing appointment but I was aware that I would probably need new hearing aids after the ears were cleared and I would have had a new hearing test.

At the appointment for syringing the lady told me that I should have been putting oil in for 10 days. She said the ear wax was dark and when she attempted to rinse the wax out with warm water(?) it wouldn’t move, she then tried the other ear, ditto.

She then tried a couple more times each more intense. It was quite painful by the third attempt. She said she would speak to a doctor to find out the next option.

It is now 11/12/2023 and I have heard nothing (sic!)
This is now causing my quality of life to be quite awful. I cannot hear what people are saying and practice in the church choir is affected.
It is now important for my quality of life to have my hearing fixed.
Please could someone help me.

Best Regards
Mrs Valerie Robertson —  

Amazing place
Food wonderful and supports other businesses,
Couple who run it are passionate about delivery good quality food and getting people together. —  

Whitley Bay Health Centre

Impossible to get through on the phone. Always busy.. —  

Peartree Medical Centre

To whom it may concern,

Yesterday I came to the surgery, used the toilet and realised there was no toilet paper remaining . So i hereby use this medium to inform you of my sincerest apologies on leaving a big streak on the toilet bowl. Skid marks have no place in a surgery

Yours sincerely,
Mr B Streaker —  

Howdale Surgery

The list of GP’s working at the Howdale practice needs to be updated. Do any of these doctors still work here.? I am a patient and I have never met any of them. — ejls…@icloud.comreveal  

Fremington Medical Centre

Very good —  

I really like these cobs, lovely for lunch nice and crusty. Obviously best ate fresh or they might go a bit chewy, but it depends when the shop gets them delivered, if you got one that was delivered the morning before then it's not as fresh and well it's bread it happens, but they still taste good. The review below is a bit harsh. If you don't like them, don't buy them again, maybe leave some constructive criticism. No need for insults. —  

We had a party and Nats grill did the buffet food, the food was fantastically presented and tasted absolutely amazing! And the service was second to none. I would definitely recommend and I will use Nats Grill again for any catering need in the future. — kare…@outlook.comreveal  

Haughton Vale Surgery

Just would a home visit from the doctor as I have depression and anxiety I cannot leave my home due to lockdown I feel safe at home why is I hard to get to see a doctor —  

Top class fish from India —  

Highlands Surgery

I cannot log on to my web sit at Highlands Surgery therefore I cannot order repeat medication or book an appointment on line.
I have been to the surgery & reported this . I was told I would receive an email lolling me how to rectify the situation but so far that has not happened. —  

Pilch Lane Surgery

My name is Derek Britnell

I would like to thank all receptionists at Pilch Lane surgery for their tireless help in processing my prescription so quickly on the 8th November 2023 . I know how hard you all worked . You have taken a real worry and really reduced the stress of running desperately short of most of my new medication. — Delm…  

Awfully slow. Past two times it has taken 2hrs. Wont be back — Weed…@hotmail.comreveal  

Truly terrible chips, probably the worst I’ve ever had, brought late afternoon, obviously cooked and re-cooked very hard and unpleasant Ended up chucking the chips away! —  

Food was good if pricey, but drive littered with deep pot holes. We were sat outside in the gazebo area until a table inside became available but in front of the whole restaurant were then asked to leave our muddy boots by the door. My disabled and pregnant partner found this even harder. Later that day we went to McDonalds and received SOOOOOOO much better service. Considering the car park was muddy and it is a farm shop with zero dress code its a joke!! Why invite us to a table inside if our boots were to be a problem better to have served us where we were and not embarrassed us in front of everyone. Never coming back! Maisy the black Lab was lovely though

If you have muddy boots don't eat here! — norn…@hotmail.comreveal  

Evergreen Pharmacy

line has been busy since yesterday morning !!!!!! —  

I have been with you for over 30yrs and am due my covid booster but have been told you are no longer doing them nor is anyone else in my area;how can anyone of 80 with limited mobility get this done?needles to say I am not over joyed particullarly as my next door neighbour had hers done on the  

Dr. Poolo's Surgery - Rush Green Medical Centre

I have been seen by Dr Ravi on a few occasions and found him to be an excellent doctor who has done all he said he would. I have been at this practice for 25 years and have always been treated kindly and efficiently and have no complaints at all. In fact all the staff are brilliant, friendly and helpful. — anni…  

Terrible cobs. My partner and I had a cheese and onion cob from our local shop. The filling was really stingy and poor quality, the slice of cheese was incredibly thin and there was hardly any onion. The cob itself was rubbery and chewy. I was starving so finished mine but my partner threw hers away after one bite. Clearly the cob company take no pride in there work and have no interest in customer satisfaction. You guys are more than happy to keep taking people's money tho aren't you. Absolute swines! — gavi…@gmail.comreveal  

Ayshea's Take Away

I have just had a takeaway from you tonight and I am sorry but it was not acceptable as a Indian take away in any form.Popadoms soft not made today,My main dish was just a few pieces of chicken with a tin of tomatoes poured over them not what a chef would serve.My partner said her chicken korma was just boiled chicken with coconut milk poured over it.Never again —  

Old Mill And Millgates Medical Practice

Is it not time that the information on Old Mill and Millgates (Poringland & Hempnall Surgeries) were up-dated? —  

First visit & very impressed with quality of coffees - we'll be back. —  

The food from this breakfast kiosk is so good, I am a regular now and have tried most of the items on the menu. —  

The food from this breakfast kiosk is so good, I am a regular now and have tried most of the items on the menu. —  

Family Dental Practice

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Shawbury Medical Practice

The web includes 73 Talbot Fields as Docs surgery phone 0139250237
This is a private bungolow now. —  


I will not go to this chemist again, I live in Colney but have used the one in Shenley for many years. Today I had an appointment for my Covid vaccination at 2.05. I never had the vaccination thanks to the pharmacist who could not careless about appointment time ( I understand we can all be busy but this was not the problem) and kept taking people through who had appointments after me. Not only did this happen to me but another lady who said she had an appointment else where and he said well 🤷‍♂️As when I asked him why he shrugged his shoulders and said am doing my best. Did not make any attempt to say sorry even after he was late starting. My only reason is we have not been there before and our face’s did not fit. I do not know the lady before me. —  

Washingborough Surgery

Times display here are wrong! —  

Willows Pharmacy

The lady who was outside The Willows checking people in for their Flu or Covid vaccination Friday 13th 2023.
She was so nice and extremely helpful, it made my day. Thank you so very much. — abfo…@yahoo.comreveal  

Rowlands Pharmacy (Newport On Tay)

I suggest your staff learn to be a little less abrupt when answering their phone. I was very curtly told that the pharmacy did not get involved in giving holiday vaccinations and they had no idea where I could turn. As someone myself who worked within the health service for forty years, the manner of the person who spoke to me was shocking. If there was an alternative pharmacy in my village,i would not hesitate to use them in preference to the high handed and inadequate service offered by Rowlands in Newport on tay —  

Photay & Associates

Hello, my name is Rimi Gill and I am listed on the details for Brent Dental Practice in Dartford as a dentist but I wanted to confirm that I do not work there and would like my name removed from association. Thank you. —  

Aubrey Road Store

Be aware, if you shop in Aubrey Road Stores Penygraig check the price you pay is correct. Everything which is labelled as on offer at a lower price, they try to charge you full price at the till. Deliberately trying to rip people off by not updating their system to reflect the offer prices —  

Horrible service and people

Order was supposed to arrive within 1 hour and 20 mins

When it was late I called and they had only started making it.

When i told them to not bother and cancel they told me I would get a full refund

Now told uber they are wanting compensation for the order

Con artist —  

Numerous times I have passed by the White Cart Chippy before closing time only to find that they have already closed. Staff each time have been rather rude when I have stated that they shouldn’t be closed for another half hour. Not impressed! —  

Numerous times I have passed by the White Cart Chippy before closing time only to find that they have already closed. Staff each time have been rather rude when I have stated that they shouldn’t be closed for another half hour. Not impressed! —  

Greenhead Pharmacy

For some reason you are closed on Friday night at ten when the web site says u are open until midnight and u have the prescription —  

Abbey Chemist (Lonend, Paisley)

I came into the chemist today to collect my son’s Dosset box which contains his epilepsy medication snd was told it was already away in the van. I asked would it be there by 6pm tonight as he had no medication for tonight and I was told it would be. No medication has arrived tonight and now I am really concerned he will have a seizure tonight. — Feem…  

Just paid £3 for 18 chips, beware —  

New Forest Central Medical Group

I came in to temporarily register and was flatly refused. I needed advice and possible blood test because of my skin. Receptionist asked Practice Partner, she refused and I was standing there utterly disgusted that they can do this. I have been given help by Lymington Hospital twice but I do need to register with a Doctor. I am 63 years old and have a valid reason for asking for help. I am not a time waster. Lymington advised that I may have to go to Southampton Hospital. I will not go there an help add to the overstretched Nurses and Doctors massive work load.
Disappointed is putting it mildly! — Jack…@outlook.comreveal